DedicatedNOW Managed Support Plans - detailing our dedicated servers support services, what is included and what we offer

ManagedNOW Add-On Support Plans

Semi-Managed Server Support Plans

DedicatedNOW specializes in providing custom-fit support solutions for our clientele. To further this mission, DedicatedNOW offers add-on support plans for our semi-managed server line, to allow our customers to choose the level of support that is right for their needs and their budget. Each of our ManagedNOW support plans comes complete with our standard server management offering, as well as set allotments of time available for support each month.

Managed NOW Stage1 Managed NOW Stage2 Managed NOW Stage3
Hours of Support: 5 hours monthly 3 hours monthly 1 hour monthly
Monthly Cost: $149 $60 $35

Adding ManagedNOW Support to your existing legacy server

To add a ManagedNOW support plan to your existing server, please contact our Sales department (888)734-9320 and specify which plan you would like to add to your server.