3 Reasons For Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Web-Hosting

Dedicated Web-Hosting

Today’s IT market is dominated by the Cloud. From Cloud Hosting, to Cloud Storage solutions, to Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Web-Hosting used to support one-click installs of Cloud apps like WordPress and Magento, Cloud Computing is everywhere these days. For the majority of Cloud based computing solutions, end users are utilizing Cloud shared hosting servers and virtual private servers (VPS) designed to maximize the benefits of the Cloud while allowing Cloud providers to jam as many clients as possible onto one web-hosting server. But what happens if you need more space to run single application servers, or your website is getting so much traffic you’ve outgrown the confines of your VPS hosting server? In this case, dedicated hosting is for you.

High Traffic Amounts

You operate a very popular ecommerce website. For the past two years you have operated your very popular ecommerce site on a shared Cloud server. However in the past few months your website has gained more traction and garnered much more attention causing your daily traffic to spike. This spike threatens to crash your site and kill your nice income. Well, it might be time to switch to dedicated hosting. To avoid critical overflow, system crashes and overcharging fees for exceeding bandwidth caps, it’s time to switch to dedicated server web hosting.

Single Application Servers

Database Server

Database Server

Some applications are just too big to squeeze into a shared hosting server or a Cloud virtual private server. Instead of squeezing that very large and very complex database server into a shared Cloud web hosting server solution, switch to dedicated hosting. Dedicated Server hosting will give your robust database server all the room and resource allotments it needs to run smoothly. Read More

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Backup Your Data!

You would think by now the majority of personal and business users would backup their important data on a daily, weekly monthly etc. basis. However, even now, recent studies find that the vast majority of computer users do not backup data on their own nor do they utilize a data backup service to manage this vital task. To be honest, we find it very hard to believe that the majority of businesses do not utilize backup data solutions yet the fact remains, 94% of all computer users, 94% of all computer users, do not back up their data on a routine basis. But don’t worry, there is time to accomplish this task. Here’s how.

Data Backup Solutions For the Personal Consumer

94% of Users Do Not Backup Their Data

94% of Users Do Not Backup Their Data

Here at DedicatedNOW, we are in the business of providing the best dedicated hosting solutions to personal and business consumers. With our solutions, we offer complex backup data solutions including R1 Soft Continuous Data Protection, disaster recovery solutions, RAID security, Rsync and managed tape backup. But the thing is we know for the majority of consumers who aren’t using DedicatedNOW solutions, or for that matter, dedicated server hosting services, R1 Soft and the aforementioned data security options isn’t what they need. For the majority of consumers, backup data services like CrashPlan+, Carbonite, Jungle Drive and Moxy will work just fine. This is because for the vast majority of consumers who aren’t utilizing a data backup services or an external hard drive connected to their laptop, a simple online data security/data backup/data restore solution will fit their needs. In some cases, for some users the free data storage solutions like DropBox will suffice. However, for those users who utilize dedicated server hosting, enterprise level data backup/data security/data restore solutions are needed.

Read More

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Server Load Balancing

Incoming Traffic! We Have Incoming Traffic!

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

Traffic. In our Internet-centric world, traffic is almost the end-all be-all of conversions. Just as if you ran a small mom and pop grocer establishment, getting people in the door is more than half the battle. Incoming traffic to a website is the equivalent of customers entering your mom and pop shop. The more traffic – the more customers you have – coming in and viewing your merchandise, the more you have a chance of making a good profit. But let’s say getting people in the door isn’t your problem. Let’s say, your problem is handling all of the traffic coming into your site because you just created the single greatest service on the market today. Whatever you created – a never ending energy supply – is having such an impact on the market that you can’t keep people from entering your store and ripping all the merchandise from the shelves. In this equation, your online website, due to all the increased traffic, might experience downtime. Your site, like your store, due to the overwhelming demand, might falter causing you to loss business and suffer a large reputation hit.

It goes without saying, but when you have lots of customers – tons of traffic – the last thing you need is for your website to fail. Due to this, you need to understand the concept of server load balancing and more importantly, how it can save you from experiencing a hard hit to your sales and reputation.

What is Load Balancing?

Load balancing, sometimes called Server Load Balancing or Network Load Balancing, is the process of distributing incoming traffic across multiple virtual machines (VM’s) to ensure your machine – by extension your website – does not fail under peak traffic influxes. Think of server load balancing as an experiment in breaking water surface tension. Read More

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