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Additional Services

· How many IPs do I get?
› Each server comes standard with five (5) IPs. Additional IPs are available with ARIN justification.

· What if I want to upgrade my server?
› Upgrades are available to be made on your server including additional Hard Drives, additional RAM, RAID, bandwidth upgrades, additional IPs and add-on software. Please contact our Sales Department 1-888-734-9320 for details.

· What are the limitations on server upgrades?
› This depends on the server. Our new managed server line is upgradable to 8-16GB RAM and 4 hard drives, while our specials are generally upgradable to 4GB RAM and 2 hard drives. Please note that you will need a 64-bit OS for your server to recognize RAM above 4GB. Please contact our Sales Department 1-888-734-9320 for details.

· What if I need more IPs?
› You can order additional IPs. Please note that ARIN justification is required for the use of additional IPs.

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Adult Content & IRC

· Can I host adult content?
› Legal Adult Content is acceptable.

· Can I host IRC Services?
› No, IRC is not allowed on our Network.

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Company Information

· How long have you been in business?
› We have been in business since Oct 1997. There are three divisions to our organization: FORTRESS ITX, DedicatedNOW and Pegasushost

· What are your hours of Operations?
› The following are our hours of operation by department: Billing / Customer Service - 9AM - 5PM EST Monday through Friday Sales - 8AM - 6PM EST Monday through Friday Technical Support - 24 x 7 x 365

· How can I contact you?
› For sales, billing, and customer service, you can reach us at: 1-888-734-9320 outside of the United States, or within the US or Canada. Our Fax number is 973-453-8209.
For Technical Support, you may reach us at 1-888-734-9320

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Control Panel & Operating Systems

· What is the standard Operating System (OS) installed?
› CentOS Enterprise Linux is the standard or "most common" in our plans; however we also offer CentOS 4.x, CentOS 4.x 64-bit, CentOS 5.x 64-bit, CentOS 5.x, FreeBSD 5.x, FreeBSD 6.x, Ubuntu 7.10, Ubuntu 8.04, Windows 2003 Standard, Windows 2003 Web and Windows 2008 Standard. Please see our Managed service description for a list of operating systems supported by our management service.

· Does my service get a control panel?
› We offer both Plesk and cPanel options on our servers. cPanel is available for $25 monthly; Plesk pricing starts at $15 monthly.

· What is cPanel?
› DedicatedNOW is an exclusive partner of cPanel. Cpanel is a third party control panel that has been a leader on Linux server platforms. You can learn more about Cpanel here.

· Can I have Windows installed?
› Yes, we offer Windows 2003 Standard ($20/month), Windows 2003 Web ($15/month) and Windows 2008 Standard ($30/month).

· What control panel do you offer for Windows?
› We offer Plesk control panel (starting at $15 monthly) for Windows servers.

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· Can I switch from Pegasus to DedicatedNOW?
› Absolutely, once your contract has expired and you went through the necessary cancellation procedures you can switch and purchase a DedicatedNOW Server. No mid contract switches will be authorized.

· What are the differences between the Pegasus and DedicatedNOW networks?
› The networks are almost identical except for three tier providers. 75 diverse connections provide superior connectivity on the DedicatedNOW network.

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Network & Data Center

· What is your uptime guarantee?
› We offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee on our standard servers and a 100% uptime SLA on our managed servers.

· Who are your backbone providers?
› View our network topology here

· What is your connectivity?
› View our connectivity here

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Orders and Billing

· When are orders received?
› Orders are received via our sales and billing department 8AM - 6PM EST Monday through Friday. Weekend orders are received Monday morning at 8AM, and are considered received then. Weekend hours do not qualify for our setup guarantee.

· How fast are servers setup?
› Servers are setup as quickly as possible. Our setup guarantee for servers is 3-5 business days. For clusters and high availability setups, setup times may be longer.

· When do you charge for servers?
› We will charge your credit card, or await your PayPal payment prior to initiating your requested service. All services must be paid in advance for its respective setup, any proration and first month fees.

· When do you charge for additional services?
› We will charge your CC, or await your paypal payment prior to initiating your requested service. All services must be paid in advance for its respective setupm, any proration and first month fees.

· How am I billed, monthly?
› You are invoiced upon each of the recurring billing dates attached within your billing file. You can receive multiple invoices monthly, or request our billing staff to adjust your invoices to one monthly billing date. Your CC, or paypal account is automatically billed by our system on your invoice due date.

· What methods of payment do you accept?
› We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. To make payment via Check or Wire transfer, you must remit payment for all applicable setup fees, and 3 months hosting fees, and payments must be made in advance.

· Is there a discount for pre-payment?
› Yes, we offer 10% discount on servers and services, excluding power and licensing for annual pre-payment.

· How is extra bandwidth billed?
› Bandwidth utilized over the allotted amount per your contract, is billed at $0.50 per GB over your contracted amount of Bandwidth, or in accordance with any overage rate listed in your contract.

· How do I cancel services?
› To cancel any services, you must contact our Billing Department with your cancellation request at least 11 days in advance of your cancellation date request.

· Are there any setup fees on your servers?
› No, we do not require setup fees on our servers.

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Our Policies

· May I view your Terms of Service?
› Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy are available on our website and updated from time to time.

· What if my site breaks your "acceptable usage policies"?
› Please read the AUP for more detail on violations and remedies under our Acceptable Use Policy.

· Do you have a Service Level Agreement?
› Yes, the SLA is available on our website.

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Technical Support

· How is my server monitored?
› Our managed servers include port monitoring on up to 10 services. If a service becomes unresponsive, our admins will proactively respond to the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. Our unmanaged servers do not included port or service monitoring. On these servers, we do not monitor your server, or its ports proactively. It is your responsibility to monitor your server, and alert us via e-mail or phone when your server appears to be unreachable.

· What if my server gets hacked or attacked?
› We can perform a number of options for you based upon the severity of the situation. Hacked servers are usually the result of utilizing a word for root password, which can be found in the dictionary. We recommend that you use a combination of letters and lower and upper case letters. Additionally, we offer hardware firewalls and web application firewalls to improve your server's security.

· What if the hardware fails?
› DedicatedNOW is responsible for all hardware related issues. If there is a hardware failure, it is replaced and fixed for no additional charge.

· What type of support do you offer?
› DedicatedNOW offers email based support only. We do, however, offer phone support only for emergencies such as a downed or unreachable server.

· What is your average response time to a ticket?
› Tickets are replied to as quickly as possible. Average response time on suppor tickets is 15 minutes. Normal turnaround time on a ticket is 30 minutes or less. Some problems take longer than others to resolve, and at peak time, we may receive multiple messages at once, so response times may vary.

· What about software upgrades?
› cPanel/WHM comes installed to automatically update your software packages. If you opt to not choose cPanel/WHM as a control panel, then you would be responsible for software upgrades. You may request our support staff to install upgrades for you, however, billable admin time may apply.

· Do you offer phone support?
› DedicatedNOW offers phone support for Emergency issues. For tracking and efficient processing, we ask that you also submit a support ticket for our admins to review.

· What is your service charge for support not covered through normal means?
› Additional support not covered through normal means will incur a $80.00 an hour Tech fee billed in 15 minute increments (30 minute minimum).

· Will I be notified before being billed for a support request?
› Yes, if you request additional services, the services will not be performed until you verify that you agree to the payment terms expressed above.

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Applicure's dotDefender™ FAQ

· Do I need dotDefender™ if I already have a firewall and anti-virus installed?
› Yes. Application attacks consist of seemingly legitimate HTTP/ HTTPS requests that contain malicious code. Examples include SQL injection, cross-site scripting, session hijacking and more. These dangerous attacks will seem completely harmless to the network firewall, IPS or anti-virus, and will be allowed to pass through, unless stopped by an application firewall.

› dotDefender™ is a software based application firewall that analyzes all incoming traffic and stops requests that may harm valuable business assets. Red Herring predicts that in five years, application firewalls will be a must-have for the web environment and dotDefender™ is uniquely positioned to become the gold standard in this category.

· How does dotDefender™ differ from other application firewall products?
› Current application firewalls are mostly hardware appliances deployed before the web server to analyze and stop incoming attacks. These solutions require many resources for acquisition, integration, and maintenance. Moreover, they are only suitable for certain web architectures.

› dotDefender™ on the other hand, is a software product that is rapidly deployed and easy to maintain. Deployed as a web server plug-in, it does not effect network architecture or traffic in any way. It further offers a user-friendly GUI and live update for simple customization and maintenance. Out of the box web security rules make implementing website security with dotDefender™ simple and cost-effective.

· How can I purchase dotDefender™?
› DedicatedNOW offers dotDefender™ with every new cPanel server, at no cost. If you have ordered a Closeout, Special servers, Reseller or non-cPanel Managed server, dotDefender™ is available at $35 monthly and may be added to your server during the checkout process. If you have an existing server that you would like to add dotDefender to, please contact our Sales Department 1-888-734-9320 for details.

· What servers does dotDefender™ support?
› dotDefender™ 3 supports the following systems: MacOSX PPC/ Intel, RedHat Enterprise Linux 3/4, Debian, Sun-Solaris, BSD, IIS 5/6 and ISA 2004.

· How will dotDefender™ affect my network and web server resources?
There is no effect on the network, since dotDefender™ works as a web server plug-in. It was designed to consume very little web server resources, and has negligible effect on performance.

· How can dotDefender™ protect my web server if it does not stop attacks before they get there?
› dotDefender™ examines incoming requests when they are opened by the web server. In this position, dotDefender™ sees the request exactly as the web server sees it, and can stop any malicious attempt in an efficient and timely manner.

· How can I customize dotDefender™ for my needs?
› dotDefender™ can operate in two modes: monitoring or protection. Use monitoring mode to see all the attacks identified by dotDefender™. In protection mode, dotDefender™ will stop these attacks. › You can customize dotDefender™ website security rules to your needs. dotDefender™ supports multiple sites, by allowing you to define different settings for each site. A white list mechanism enriches your website protection customization efforts.

· How do I get support and updates for dotDefender™?
› A support package that includes technical support, live updates, and new releases. Signatures are updated automatically, whereas website security rules are sent for approval by the site administrator, to support customization.

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