DedicatedNOW understands that even clients within the same industry have different needs, we also recognize that all clients require server management on some level - which is why we've included a robust support package with every server

Dynamic Support™

Dynamic SupportOur Dynamic Support paradigm is more than just a slogan - it's a way of life for our staff and our company. We understand that there are vital differences between businesses; even within the same industry... we firmly believe that managed hosting is not a one size fits all concept. Early on, we understood that to be truly effective, a hosting support team must understand and adapt to each client's needs... Dynamic Support was born from this idea.

Dedicated hosting is not a one-size fits all proposition. From the small entrepreneur working from her home to the Enterprise client focused on Continuity Planning; every organization has different needs. The hosting industry has ignored this fundamental fact for too long. At DedicatedNOW, we understand that even clients within the same industry have different needs. . See whats included with our server management.

24/7 On Site Support

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Our experienced admins are on site 24/7 for your convenience. Your business can't afford to risk downtime, which is why our dedicated Dynamic Support team is on site 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime for your business. Additionally, DedicatedNOW has Cisco engineer on call 24/7 to ensure maximum network stability.

IT That Fits Like a Glove

Our Flexible IT solutions are scalable and customizable to fit your company's growing needs, snug like a glove. From startup phase companies needing Managed servers to providing remote hands for an IT consultant with a colo... we speak your language and adapt to your needs.

Dynamic Staff

DedicatedNOW's on site staff of server administrators and network engineers form the backbone of Dynamic Support. Over our 10 years in business, we've supported thousands of businesses in a multitude of different scenarios; and our staff brings that experience to the table to assist our clients with any need.

The Dynamic Support Comparison

DedicatedNOW's Dynamic Support vs. other managed hosts

Features Other Managed Hosting Providers DedicatedNOW
Owned Network Rarely. Yes!
Our 100% optical, 100% owned network is monitored round-the-clock!
Owned Datacenter Rarely. Yes!
We own our 55,000 sq ft facility, which is staffed 24/7 by Dynamic Support technicians.
» Our datacenter.
Avg Support Time On request, not proactive. Better!
1 Hour SLA - our Dynamic Support technicians average a 15 minute response time on support requests!
Phone Support Rarely Yes!
24/7 Phone Support with on site server admins.
Network Redundancy Single router and single-homed edge switch. Yes!
Our own dark fiber ring connects to two redundant POPs and uses dual Cisco routers in an entirely redundant configuration at every level.
Third Party Application Support On request, not proactive. Yes!
DedicatedNOW Support technicians will provide 15 minutes of support per incident to install and support third party applications(1)
Offsite backup No. Yes!
DedicatedNOW offers 50GB of FREE R1Soft CDP backup for every regularly priced server.
» Backups and disaster recovery.
Control Panel Updates On request, not proactive. Yes!
We offer updates for all DedicatedNOW supplied control panels. We host our own cPanel update servers on site.
Free Hardware Replacement No SLA guarantee. Yes!
Hardware Replacement SLA - Our Dynamic Support technicians will replace failed hardware on any DedicatedNOW server, FREE of charge.
Proactive DDOS prevention No. Yes!
DOS / DDOS installation of software based firewall rules to help block attacks.
Initial Hardening Yes.
Initial Security Hardening, APF Firewall installation, /tmp directory hardening, Rootkit Hunter installation and Catch PHP nobody spammers.

Semi-Managed Support Options

DedicatedNOW also offers a complete line of legacy, semi-managed servers. Value-added support plans are available with each of these servers, though they do not include many of the features available in our Managed line of multi-core servers. More detail regarding our add-on support plans for semi-managed servers is available here.


  1. 1.Our admin team will provide 15 minutes of support time per incident to install or support any 3rd party app. If required, additional time will be billed at $80/hour and our admins will provide a time estimate prior to providing additional paid support.