dotDefender is a software based web application firewall that cost-effectively protect your web servers and websites against malicious use of web application functionality

Secure Your Website with dotDefender™

Applicure Technologies' dotDefender™DedicatedNOW now offers the award winning dotDefender™ web application firewall.

dotDefender™ is a software based web application firewall that cost-effectively provides additional website security against malicious attacks and website defacement. dotDefender™ is the essential application for all e-commerce websites!

Cost Effective Security

The dotDefender™ website security software based product delivers excellent ROI from installation to maintenance, so you can focus on your business.

Prevent Website Defacement

dotDefender™ protects your website from malicious attacks that are not handled by common network based web security products. Web Application Attacks such as SQL injection, path traversal, cross site scripting, and other hacks leading to website defacement can easily be prevented with dotDefender.

Meet PCI DSS 6.6 Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has taken steps to improve merchant security with a new set of mandatory rules called the PCI DSS. The PCI DSS stipulates that any company accepting credit cards must take special steps to secure its web applications. Non-compliance with the standard may result in security breaches, lost customers, potential lawsuits and fines.


dotDefender™ utilizes negligible web server resources and handles encryption transparently to enable tight web security with no performance degradation.

Automatic Live Update

Automatic live web security update of rules and signatures from a centralized site ensures your website protection is always up to date, and ready to stop the latest attacks.

Getting Started

dotDefender™ is available for only $35 per month. Just select the Applicure dotDefender™ option when ordering your server to have dotDefender™ installed.

Applicure dotDefender™ Screenshots

dotDefender screen shot 1
All attack categories are explained, with links to more information.
dotDefender screen shot 2
Automatic identification of attack sources, e.g. known Worms.

dotDefender screen shot 3
Choose which specific rules to apply in each attack category.
dotDefender screen shot 4
A useful Log Viewer helps you make sense of attack statistics.

dotDefender screen shot 5
Detailed statistics are shown for each security incident.

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