DedicatedNOW provides a comprehensive suite of management services and hardware needed for Complex Hosting environment and out of ordinary web services - reliable Custom Managed Web Hosting for the highest demands

Custom Managed/Complex Hosting and Services

Since 1997, DedicatedNOW has been exceeding industry level standards of management and support. Clients have come to rely and depend upon our professionalism and helpfulness from the smallest to the most complex of issues. DedicatedNOW provides a robust, FREE server management with all of our new dedicated servers and offers customized options for management to give you the peace of mind hosting that you need and deserve.

Our relationship with the customer begins long before the Operating System is installed on the server. Our highly trained and qualified staff begins every client engagement with a thorough needs analysis in order to determine the best solution.

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DedicatedNOW offers a comprehensive suite of management services, including:

Managed Hosting

DedicatedNOW offers complete management services, from basic to operating as an extension of your own IT department; DedicatedNOW can handle any management need.

Load Balancing

Load Balancing enhances redundancy by distributing the load on a single server across multiple servers. Should you experience hardware failure on one server, our load balancing solution will push your visitors and processes to a redundant server to keep your website online.


Clustering works in tandem with load balancing by virtualizing the resources of several servers, for use in a single application (i.e. hosting a database-driven website).


DedicatedNOW is expert at delivering high-availability infrastructure aimed at providing the maximum in redundancy and reliability.

Backup Solutions

DedicatedNOW offers Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions including RAID, Rsync, Managed Tape Backup and Continuous Data Protection. More Information on Backup Solutions.

Managed Firewall

As a Cisco partner, DedicatedNOW offers managed firewalls to protect your investment. A firewall filters Internet traffic to your server and regulates packets entering and exiting your network according to custom defined security policies.