DedicatedNOW's virtual cluster is made from a multi-server environment, which allows the server administrator to distribute the resources of every server across the cluster, also known as Cloud hosting or Grid hosting and is scalable with built-in redundancy

Virtual Clusters

We offer Managed Virtual Clusters for companies that require redundancy, scalability and uptime, without the capital expense and hassle of implementing a multi-server cluster.

What is a Virtual Cluster?

The term "cluster" refers to a multi-server environment (aka cloud hosting or grid hosting), which allows the server administrator to distribute the resources of every server across the "cluster" for a single complex process.

Using the award winning utility computing operating system, AppLogic by 3tera, the Virtual Cluster service is built on tried and true server class hardware. Instantly create and scale your infrastructure, create custom virtual servers, and structure your hosting according to your needs and your visitor's demands.

Our Virtual Cluster offering comes in two flavors: Single Core and Dual Core. Our Single Core package offers the dedicated processing power of a single processor with 1GB of RAM and our Dual Core package offers twice the computing power with 2 processors and a full 2GB of RAM.

Why Virtual Cluster?

  • Scalable
  • Low Cost
  • Built In Redundancy
  • Upgrade Instantly
  • No Infrastructure to Buy
  • No Infrastructure to Maintain
  • Award Winning Software
  • Managed

"Virtual Clustering... just make sense for companies like mine, that anticipate rapid growth and the need for resources that go along with that growth..." Lynn Theobald - Founder of Strategic Mentoring Systems

Single Core Virtual Cluster

Single Core Virtual Clusters 1 Dedicated CPU Core, 1GB RAM, 100GB disk space, 1000GB bandwidth.


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Dual Core Virtual Cluster

Dual Core Virtual Clusters 2 Dedicated CPU Cores, 2GB RAM, 200GB disk space, 2000GB premium bandwidth.


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