Managed Servers


Intel Core i3-2100

2 CPU Cores @ 3.10Ghz
10,000GB Bandwidth


Intel Xeon E3-1220

4 CPU Cores @ 3.10GHZ
10,000GB Bandwidth


Intel Xeon E3-1270

4 CPU Cores @ 3.40GHZ
10,000GB Bandwidth

Standard Features

  • Server Management!
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee!
  • 50GB Offsite Backup!
  • Full Security Lockdown!
  • Redundant Cisco Network!
  • KVM over IP!

Why DedicatedNOW?

  • Server Management
  • Advanced Configurations
  • 24/7 Award Winning Support
  • Redundant Cisco Network

  • Our Mission

    Since 1997, DedicatedNOW has built a reputation for superior performance and support, one server at a time. Our mission is to provide the best managed hosting experience available. Period.

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  • What the Industry is Saying

     ...a serious contender for being the best hosting provider I've ever had an account with. -

     ..Fast support from qualified technicians and solid hardware round out this fine Dedicated Host. -

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  • What Customers are Saying

     For the record, I love everything about DedNow, and the support is unbelievable. I give everyone @ DedNow props :) Great company. Thanks again. -Bryan

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Dedicated Server Quick Questions and Answers

What is Managed Hosting/Servers and What's Included?

Managed hosting/dedicated server includes the server, power, rack space and bandwidth as well as server security, patch upgrades, 24/7 monitoring setup and maintenance. Managed hosting is the correct choice for companies that do not have the in-house staff to maintain a dedicated server. By using the hosting company to maintain and monitor the dedicated servers through a managed hosting setup, businesses effectively reduce their own burden and save money that would have otherwise been spent on personnel.

The managed hosting definition also includes more complex types of web hosting, such as load balancing, clustering and high availability. In these cases, the staff that is familiar with and maintaining the servers also structures and maintains more complex setups that allow for maximum uptime, performance and redundancy.

What is Unnamanged Hosting

Unmanaged hosting includes the server, power, rack space and bandwidth to support your server, as well as 24/7 support, however does not include the monitoring and maintenance that a managed server does.

Unmanaged hosting is ideal for web hosting resellers and individuals and companies that have the in-house expertise to maintain a secure and updated server. Unmanaged hosting is less expensive than managed hosting, however one must be careful to understand the true cost (i.e. in-house labor) of utilizing unmanaged hosting. If you're just starting out with a dedicated server, managed hosting is probably a better option than using an unmanaged server.

Differences Between Managed Servers and Closeout Servers

DedicatedNOW offers two lines of servers to choose from: Managed dedicated servers and unmanaged Closeout Servers. DedicatedNOW's Dedicated Servers represent some of the newest hardware available, including the Core2Duo, Core2Quad and Dual Quadcore Xeon CPUs. Every CPU in DedicatedNOW's managed line is multi-core. Some of the servers, like the Dual QuadCore Xeon 5420 have a total of 8 CPUs for processing. In addition to newer hardware, our managed servers also include more bandwidth and free features like KVM over IP, free off-site backup, full system security lock down and 100% uptime guarantee.

DedicatedNOW's Closeout Servers are unmanaged and are typically older technology, such as Pentium4, Celeron and AMD Athlon CPUs. While these servers are older, they are still quite useful for limited applications. DedicatedNOW's unmanaged servers come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Why You Should Choose Us

With more than 4,500 dedicated servers under management and more than 12 years in business, DedicatedNOW is the leader in Managed Dedicated Hosting. DedicatedNOW owns its own multi-million dollar Tier 3 datacenter in Clifton, NJ. Our multi-homed, all Tier 1 Cisco network is redundant down to the switch-port level and includes Savvis, Level3, Global Crossing, Telia and nLayer.

DedicatedNOW's expert staff average 5 years server management experience and have expertise with both Linux and Windows servers. With a focus on server management and expertise in high availability hosting, DedicatedNOW sets the standard for complex managed hosting.

From our datacenter, to our network, hardware and server administrators, DedicatedNOW is focused on amazing support, incomparable uptime and unparalleled quality.